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2010 Achievement Day - Club Incentive Awards

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The 4-H Council started a new program several years ago called the "4-H Club Incentive Award". As a result of this award each club is awarded a cash prize based on their completion or participation in a variety of county events. These include turning in enrollment forms and fair entries by the designated deadlines, completing a community service project, participating in the Halloween Carnival, having an adult leader at every 4-H council meeting and turning in club secretary and treasurer books by the September 30th deadline. If a club meets all of these objectives, they receive a $100 check from the Niobrara County 4-H Council. If they do some, but not all they get a percentage of this $100 award.

2010 Awards

Cheyenne River 4-H Club $50.00
Cloverleaf 4-H Club $25.00
Fairview Club $50.00
Lance Creek 4-H Club $100.00
Up and Coming 4-H Club $50.00

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